How did you develop your skills in 2014?
What are your plans for the New Year?
I'll tell you
What is your first name or nick name?

I'm Attila. Nice to meet you :)
What kind of skills, knowledge areas did you improve in 2014?

What was your greatest motivation, driving force to develop those skills you mentioned?

What kind of courses, trainings did you attend to develop the skills you mentioned earlier?

Where did you find those training courses that you attended in 2014?

What were your priorities, preferences in selecting the trainings you attended?




Delivery style



Course format

How important was the brand of the trainer, institution?

Other preference. Please tell me

What were the challenges with the trainings you attended in 2014?





Other preference. Please tell me

Approximately how much money did you spend in 2014 on the skills you mentioned?

Please also indicate which currency (let the default be USD :) )
Which were your top 3 skill, that helped you the most in 2014 to achieve your personal or professional goals?

What kind of skills, knowledge areas will you develop, strengthen in 2015?

Where do you live?

What do you do for a living?

In which year were you born?

What is your gender?

What kind of mobile phone or tablet do you own, use?

Would you like to receive the results of this research?

If yes, please tell me your email address in the next question. I'll send it around 1st February, 2015. Email addresses will be excluded.
Thank you so much for your help!
I wish you a successful and fulfilling 2015! :)
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